Herschell Aerosol SS Silicone Spray 300ml

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Herschells 40 years of experience in the lubricant industry. Proactive, technical back-up service manufactured in South Africa. Formulated in accordance with stringent European environmental specifications. Products are TRIC and PERC Free using non-carcinogenic formulations.

Essential for at home, work and play.


  • Lubricates metal, rubber and plastics
  • Renews dashboards and waterproofs electronics
  • Prevents car door locks freezing
  • Improves door rubbers sealing
  • Reduces ice build-up in refrigerators

Sports & Recreation

  • Waterprrofs components, boots and surfaces relating to jet skis and ski boats
  • Lubricated and protects plastics, metal and rubber
  • Long term anti-corrosion protection & rust proofing (highly resistant to salt water)
  • Prevents freezing of ski bindings.

Metalworking & Fabrication

Silicone Spray

    • Prevents accumulation of wax and glues on cutting and punching knives in paper industry

Punching Oil

    • A lubricating oil designed to cope with the requriements of metal punching
    • Contains high load EP and high base oil viscosity

Pipe Threading Oil

    • Suitable for use in pipe threading machines for threading of galvanized pipes
    • Extends both jaw life and ensures a cleaner cut
    • Contains EP additives for clean, cool chip

Non-Stain Cutting Spray [MF2]

    • A non-ferrous cutting fluid that is suited to the cutting of Brass, Copper and Aluminium

Mould Release: Plastic & Rubber Moulding

Silicone Spray

    • This clear, non-toxic spray offers excellent mould release properties to both the rubber and plastic injection moulding industries
    • It ensures high mould definition and repeat moulding
    • Increases working speed and prevents discolouration when welding plastic in the packaging industry-for ultra-sonic welding, heat sealing
    • Prevents accumulation of wax and glues on cutting an punching knives in papery industry

Recoatable Mould Release Spray

    • A straw coloured, non-silicone mould release agent
    • High mould definitions where transfers or paint must adhere to product without the removal of a die release

Paintable Mould Release

    • A straw coloured, non-silicone mould release agent, with chilling agent/solvent
    • High mould definitions where transfers or paint must adhere to product without the removal of a die release

PTFE Spray

    • Excellent mould relaese agent for especially complicated profiles
    • Specialized lubricants for shutes of automatic packaging industries

Other properties:

  • Clear, non-staining and non-toxic
  • A multitude of household, office and industrial uses
  • Renews the appearance of plastic surfaces including brief cases and handbags
  • Lubricates guides, slide plates, tables and curtain tracks
  • Prevents static build up in paper for printers
  • Lubricates wood on wood, glass on wood, plastic on glass, rubber to rubber e.g.. drawers kitchen cabinets.
  • Knitting, sewing and textile lubricant that's also effective on cutting tables, shears, sewing machine tables and ironing presses
  • Softens, preserves and waterproofs textiles, canvas, wood surfaces and leather
  • Reduces ice builds-up in refrigerators and freezer
  • Improves sealing of rubber seals around doors
  • Exceptional thermal stability -75° C to 200° C
  • Low vapour pressure 0 gives long life even as a very thin coating
  • Chemically stable and not attacked by sunlight, ultra violet light, rain, sleet, snow, petrol, paraffin, gases, steam or corrosive liquids such as acids
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