Herschell Aerosol Multi Purpose Lubricant Penetrating Loosening Spray 300ml (65mmx124mm)

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An incredibly versatile penetrating and lubricating spray finds its way into the tightest gaps between metal and moving parts, penetrating lubricating and protecting against rust.


  • Lubricates, cleans and prevents corrosion
  • Dissolves rust and dries wet electrical equipment

Sports & Recreation

  • Lubricates, cleans and prevents corrosion
  • Effectively smoothens clutch, brake levers and brake action
  • Dissolves rust and dries wet electrical equipment
  • Perfect for smoothing brake cable mechanisms

Penetrating & Releasing Oils

  • This light duty lubricant, penetrant and releasing fluid all-in-one also demoisturises and insulates wet electrical equipment
  • It is plastic friendly, cleans clean metal parts and acts as a corrosion inhibitor


    • This non-flammable, deep penetrating, light-duty lubricant and realizing fluid is used mostly in ultra-deep mines and oil refineries, where non-flammable products are stipulated

Penetrating Fluid

    • Eases and releases rusted components to facilitate non-destructive disassembly

Graphite Penetrating Oil

    • Suited for heavy-duty industrial applications where a boundary lubricant is required

Independent test results from Lubrizols' world-leading laboratory show that Herschel's multi purpose spray comes out on top when compared to there leading competitors. Herschel Multio purpose spray provides significantly superior ant-corrosion properties, excellent water displacement attributes and non-carcinogenic contents.

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