Herschell Aerosol EC Electronic Cleaner Spray 300ml

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A solvent, which evaporates without residue to clean flux, dust and other atmospheric deposits from circuit boards of elctctronic equipment.

It is plastic friendly with the majority of sinsitive plastics and elastomers. if there is any special or unusual polymer used for construciton users should test a small section to ascertain suitabilitye. Safe for use on active metals such aluminium and zinc.

How to apply

A short extension tube is supplied to direct the spray at the object to be cleaned. This product is flammable and must not be used on live equipment


  • Computer circuit boards
  • TV components
  • Telephones
  • Radio, Hi- Fi
  • Tape Heads
  • Calculators
  • Valves
  • Metal parts
  • Circuit breakers

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