Herschell Aerosol Chain Spray 300ml

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Contains soluble molybdenum in a special semi-synthetic lubricating oil base. Formulated for extreme loads. Soluble moly reduces friction. Hydrodynamic and boundary lubricant. Low surface tension additive enables lubricant to reach chain pins. Superior water resistance. Temperature performance -15oC to 140oC+

Sports and Recreation

Motorcylces, Bicycles, Quads, Karting, Jet Ski's & Skiboats

    • Rapidly penetrates deep into chain linkages whilst forming a tough water resistant film
    • Contains anti-wear additives and is resistant to, "fling-off"
    • Formulated for extreme loads and temperatures


The industrial range offered by Herschell is backed by years of experience in industry where it is found that industrial performance without cleaning and lubrication is not optimized or sustainable.

Chains and Sprockets

    • Incredibly vesatile, lightly coloured and heavy-duty chain spray with solid lubricants
    • Unique, non fling and water-resistant formulation ensures excellent performance on motorbike, bicycle and industrial chains
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