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Herschells 40 years of experience in the lubricant industry. Proactive, technical back-up service manufactured in South Africa. Formulated in accordance with stringent European environmental specifications. Products are TRIC and PERC Free using non-carcinogenic formulations.

Essential for at home, work and play.

Sports & Recreation

  • Water based
  • Fresh Fragrance
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Dilutes in water

Home & D.I.Y (Do it Yourself)

You'll never be alone on the job with Herschell's D.I.Y. solutions at your side!

  • Water based
  • Fresh Fragrance
  • Powerful degrease suitable for vehicles, tiles, carpets, paving, cars, bathrooms and other hard surfaces


  • Water based and biodegradable
  • Fresh Fragrance
  • Powerful degrease suitable on machinery, factory, surfaces, tiles, paving and bathrooms
  • Conforms to REACH specifications


  • Concentrate - can by diluted up to 1-20 with water.
  • Environmentally friendly to fish and plants
  • Power detergent - cleans away oil deposits
  • Suspending agents to flush away solids i.e.. Silica, graphite etc.
  • Plastic friendly
  • Low foam
  • Strongest detergent effect at 1-5 with water


For cleaning engines of :


Domestic floors

Braai grids

Ceramic tiles



Marine equipment



Use neat or dilute up to 1 - 9 with water. Apply with a brush or spray, or a high pressure cleaner.

For stubborn deposits work loose with a soft brush then flush with water or a high pressure spray

Capacity: 2L

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